Infinity American L.E.D Beer Pong Table
Full Print USA Flag Themed Custom Table

Pre-designed Large Print Customization
In stock - customized in 2 weeks


4.8 stars based on 56 reviews.

Infinity mirror.

Illusions to keep your guests entertained all night. We use special mirrors that bounce in the light to create a trippy illusion of looking into endless space while playing beer pong and other party games!

Music color controller.

Start a dance floor around a beer pong table? Why not. Each table come with a pair of infrared remote controls that sets the color, transition mode or music mode that will flash the lights to the beat of the surroundings.

Full metal construction.

Built like a tank. We designed our beer pong tables with a powder coated (non-rust) steel frame that will survive the craziest parties. The tables are tournament regulation dimensions with a length of 8ft and 2ft wide.

Break it down.

Need to host elsewhere? Take it with you, it fits in the back seat. Six super sturdy screw on (off?) legs that detach and clip under the beer pong table for storage. Table folds in the center to compact down to 48 x 24 x 4 inches. Magnets on each end connect to keep table closed during transport. Science!

Reviews and Testimonials.

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Excellent presentation, you don't really see anything like this very often. It goes right by the window so customers can see it as they pass. -

Phoenix, Arizona

The music mode is fantastic! My backyard has speakers in the bushes so this goes right next to those and it goes with the sound! Also is interesting when there is no music as well as it flashes whenever anything touches it. Trips people out.

Palm Beach, Florida

Couldn't be happier! Me and the guys chipped in to get two of your tables for our house (SR). It is the center of the party and the custom graphic with all the pledges names is an personal touch. Thanks for the help with getting that made for us!

Renton, Washington

Thanks for all your support and patience. Our table had a few issues with the lights, Aaron help us trouble shoot the problem and sent us new lights and a replacement controller box and now everything is working perfectly!

Agua Dulce, California

So glad this folds down, we always have parties after our shows so it is a big help being able to fit in the backseat of our drummers car. It is our own personal light show.