Infinity Glow Testimonials

Kim P.
Mitchell, Canada

My husband loves his new infinity beer pong table! It's perfect in his mancave since he already has a bunch of lights strung about.

Ling C.
San Fransico, CA

Just got our table today! It was a huge package sitting outside my door so it was quite an effort to get it unpacked but it is a beauty to look at. I wish it was lighter to move around but I guess that's what you get with heavy duty.

Amanda D.
Houston, Texas

Hopefully you guys will build in carrying handles with it in your next version because moving it awkward. Other then that it looks great, my son is very excited about it!

Mark L.
Leavenworth, Kansas

Had the Infinity glow for about 3 months now. No problem outside of the usual superficial light use scratches. Those I can buff out when I need to. Been throwing a party every week during summer, my parties have been come unofficially glow parties lol.

Excellent presentation, you don't really see anything like this very often. It goes right by the window so customers can see it as they pass. - Rich. R, Floor Manager of the Rock Bar Las Vegas

Brian K.
Monroe, New Jersy

My friends keep asking to borrow the table whenever there is a party going on. I guess that's good for me since that also means I get invited everywhere and I don't have to BYOB :P

Kathy S.
Hayway, CA

Super heavy duty, best moved around with two people. The legs could use some oil to screw in but it is extremely stable. I wish the power cord was longer because it sits in the middle of my garage and I have to use an extension cable. Well worth it, everyone always asks about it at my parties.

Adrian M.
Perryton, Texas

FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Just had my super bowl party with this thing and OMFG is this thing crazy cool. Everyone spent 10m taking pictures with it when they first saw it.

Dean T.
West Virginia Party Crew

Thanks for the amazing table. Our logo turned out perfectly. We promise not to "test" it too hard the entire season. Hope to see you guys when we go on tour!

We put in two glow beer pong tables for our St. Patrick's day celebration along with pitcher beer specials. The green lights and infinity mirror really stands out at night. - James, General Manager at Bogies Lounge, Westlake, CA

Jason E.
Boeme, Texas

Just had my first party with your table! It was awesome, everyone loved it. I regret nothing.

Laura M.
Los Angeles, California

Getting this for my boyfriend for Christmas! I had no idea it would be this big, so I have to be very crafty to hide it from him but came the day and he was FLOORED! Guess who just earned a ton of best girlfriend points! Thanks guys!

Ryan G.
Greeley, Colorado

Had some trouble with the delivery, looks like it had a rough ride and one of the mirrors broke :( Brenden helped us out and sent us a replacement glass that we swapped out, took like 3 mins, thanks again for your help, it is perfect now!

Daniel J.
Deway, Arizona

I had to move so my table was put in an storage unit for about a year so one of the controllers wasn't working when I finally brought it to my new place. Thankfully the support was excellent and they shipped me a replacement within a few days. Oh how I have missed it!

Added two customized infinity glow beer pong tables to our bar. We bring them out onto the patio area at night and you can see the lights from the street. Having our logo on each one really helps branding and promotes our establishment. - Rachel, Owner of Tipsy Goat, Thousand Oaks, CA

Brandon D.
Agua Dulce, California

So glad this folds down, we always have parties after our shows so it is a big help being able to fit in the backseat of our drummers car. It is our own personal light show.

Julie P.
Phoenix, Arizona

The music mode is fantastic! My backyard has speakers in the bushes so this goes right next to those and it goes with the sound! Also is interesting when there is no music as well as it flashes whenever anything touches it. Trips people out.

Steve D.
Palm Beach, Florida

Couldn't be happier! Me and the guys chipped in to get two of your tables for our house (SR). It is the center of the party and the custom graphic with all the pledges names is an personal touch. Thanks for the help with getting that made for us!

Jessie V.
Renton, Washington

Thanks for all your support and patience. Our table had a few issues with the lights, Aaron help us trouble shoot the problem and sent us new lights and a replacement controller box and now everything is working perfectly!

Added some variety to our billards hall to compliment the beer only bar by putting in two tables for the other people who don't always want to play pool. As you can see they seem to like it! - Marina, Owner of Simi Valley Billiards