About CustomGlow

Started out as a DIY project to make a fun personal beer pong table. 100 hand made tables later we decided that it was time to go the distance and manufacture our concept. Now we are a small team of people in Simi Valley, CA who appreciate a good time.

Did the beer gods appear to you in a vision?

I was helping to throw a birthday party for a friend and the only place we had was her apartment parking lot. It had plently of space but we were going to be in the dark. I was already planning to build a table at this point but I looked up a few ideas for tables with LED lights (which there were plenty of examples) and I knew I could do just the same.

It worked out pretty well, it was a hit at the event and I eventually sold the first model on eBay for something ridiculous. Thats when I considered it being an actual product. From there on I kept experimenting and incorporated the Infinity Mirror idea into the design and along with the music control feature thats how we arrived at the current model.

Previous versions and Kickstarter campaign

We went through various designs and versions, as you can see here our first ones were very diffrent then what we have today. They varied in complexity and each had thier own quirks and issues to resolve. We ended up making 100+ tables by hand before we decided to go to manufacturing.

After making these glowing beer pong tables for some time, we decided that there was enough demand to invest in getting a formalized manufactured version going. However this would be very expensive so we turned to Kickstarter to help us raise money for the endevour.

We were very lucky and were able to get funded, we took that capital and invested it into a steel frame table with sourced parts, the end result is what you see today.