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This Beer Pong Table is for Serious Mancaves Only!

This Beer Pong Table is for Serious Mancaves Only!

The Infinity Glow LED beer pong table is not for just any mancave. If you’re content with a small basement den, a small TV, and an old, moldy couch, this beer pong table is not for you. If your mancave is a place to get away and take a nap every now and then, this beer pong table is not for you. And if you think that beer pong can be played on just any table, then you might as well buy a $30 plastic fold down table for your mancave, because this beer pong table is not for you.

The Infinity Glow beer pong table was made for “go big or go home” mancaves. Mancaves with a full bar and a 40” flat screen TV. Mancaves that waste no time with the ordinary and go straight for the wow factor. Mancaves that belong in the Mancave Hall of Fame. If you’ve created a personal paradise for yourself and your buddies with only the most state of the art entertainment for nights that go all out or don’t happen at all, then congratulations: the Infinity Glow beer pong table is the perfect addition for your intense mancave.
Infinity Glow LED beer pong table

What is the Infinity Glow LED beer pong table? This table is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on the market. It has remote controlled LED light settings originally created so that a group of friends could play beer pong in the dark. Since then, it’s become much more than that, with eight solid colors to choose from and eight settings, including four music sensor settings. The sensors pick up on the music playing around the table and the lights flash to the beat. The table is designed with infinity mirrors that dance in the lights for a trippier beer pong than you’ve ever played before. And this table isn’t some flashy new toy that will be broken after a few beer pong tournaments. It’s created with a sturdy metal frame that will hold up for the hardest nights. When you’re done playing, or if your mancave ever needs to be relocated, just fold the table down and take it with you. It’s easy!

Need a little more wow from your beer pong table to really impress your friends? Why not have it customized? Infinity can have the logo from your favorite sports team or TV show, or just a favorite joke of yours, designed into the table. The infinity mirrors built into the table will really help the design pop and stand out as you and your friends flip off the lights and play beer pong. Customized or not, this table will be the highlight of your mancave, but a custom design will just ensure that your friends keep coming back for more.
Customized Infinity Glow LED beer pong table

So is your mancave serious enough for the Infinity Glow beer pong table? Ready to take your room to the next level? Well, order your own Infinity Glow beer pong table. Tables ship within about a week of ordering (with more time allowed for customization, of course). Make your mancave everything you never knew you needed and more with this state of the art beer pong table.

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5 Beer Pong Essentials You Never Knew Existed

5 Beer Pong Essentials You Never Knew Existed

Are you the king of beer pong within your group of friends? First to break out the table and champion of every beer pong tournament your frat hosts? The beer gods may smile on you, and for good reason, but there’s always more out there that you didn’t know. Here are three beer pong essentials to make your beer pong game go even harder than you ever thought possible:

1. A Beer Pong Kit

Beer Pong Drinking Game Essentials Kit

Who knew you could have all the essentials of beer pong in a portable kit about the size of a board game? This Beer Pong Drinking Game Essentials Kit includes two racks with 22 16oz cups and cup holders and two beer pong balls. Better still, this beer pong kit is the official kit of the World Series of Beer Pong, the longest running organized beer pong tournament in the world. With this kit, you can take beer pong with you wherever you go. All you need to add is a table and beer. And who knows? Maybe if you use it enough, you’ll find yourself at the WSoBP next year.

2. Beer Pong in the Pool

inflatable beer pong table

How can you make a pool party even better? By adding beer pong! This inflatable beer pong table comes with three ping pong balls, ten cup holders on each end and four along the sides of the float. Just inflate it (by pump), insert beer, and set it loose on the pool for the most epic pool party your friends have ever attended. And when you’re not playing beer pong, you can be as selfish or social as you want: use the inflatable table as a floating lounge and lay back in the pool with your drink at your side or share it with your friends as a place to hold your drinks.

3. Glow in the Dark Beer Pong!

The Infinity Glow beer pong table

This may be the trippiest beer pong table you’ve ever seen for all the best reasons. The Infinity Glow beer pong table has remote controlled LED light settings, including music sensors that sense the beat of the music around you and flash the lights of the table to that beat. Infinity mirrors dance in the light to keep the party quite literally hopping. This is a showstopper of a beer pong table, one that all your friends will be talking about, and its sturdy metal frame ensures that it will hold up longer than your wild party days will. You can even have your table customized with your name, your favorite sports team, or a design that means something to you and your friends.


4. Hex Cups

Hex Cups


If you're looking for the best setup for that final shot, Hex Cups has you covered. Started as a Kickstarter, these reusable cups fit together perfectly, for seamless formations. They are also slip resistant so no more floating cups gliding over the table.


5. Slip Cups

Slip Cups


Tired of finding dog hair and dirt in your beer pong cups? Slip cups puts sanitation first. This cup covers catch the ball before they make contact with the beer below, making taking that cup way less nasty. 

So, you’ve mastered everything there was to master about beer pong as you knew it before. Now you can wow your friends with your pool pong or beer pong in the dark skills. You and your friends will go wild over these awesome beer pong essentials, and beer pong may never be the same for you.

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4 Things to Brighten Up Your Next Night Event!

4 Things to Brighten Up Your Next Night Event!

Finding new and creative event ideas and features for your clients is an endless task. You are always looking for unique items, decorations, furniture, themes, etc to separate your events from the rest. Here are a few "glowing" ideas that your guests may not have seen before and help bring that memorable touch to your next event.


Glowing Furniture

Glowing Furniture

Who needs extra lighting when the tables and chairs glow on their own! Great for indoor or outdoor events, these types of furniture bring a unique look to your event. They can be set to many different colors to match your theme, which works best for colorful fun events or stick with white for that classy feel.


Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table

Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table

Why not combine a game into the decoration as well? Our Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table brings any event to the next level. Your guests will remember this one as its infinity mirror design brings a unique illusion into the middle of the action. Powered by 600 LED lights, it is quite bright and is very eye catching in a dark setting. They are equipped with onboard microphones to detect nearby music to change the multicolored lights according to the beat. Use these as a centerpiece to any gathering area to provide entertainment as well as curiosity. Customization options are also available if you want to brand the table to the event or occasion!


Light Up Dance Floor

Light Up Dance Floor

Nothing says "let's dance!" then these light up dance floors. Available for rent at certain suppliers, they bring up the party to level 11. Extremely popular hits where music and dancing are the main focus they can be set up to cover up to 1600 sqft. Certain types can be programmed to sync with the music from the DJ booth, something your guests will not forget!


Led Star Drape

Led Star Drape

If you are looking for something more subtle, these LED star drapes add a calm and beautiful backdrop to your event. Best used in darker locations, they come in multiple colors and are easy to setup and breakdown.


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6 Essentials for an Amazing Glow Party

6 essentials for an amazing glow party

Glow parties are a great theme for any house party, frat rager, or birthy bash. This theme of party revolves around guests wearing bright fluorescent clothes, glow in the dark accessories, and colorful lights all over. Imagine a rave and that's basically a glow party minus the catastrophic inducing crowd. If you're looking to throw that multicolored experience, this little list of must have will be your perfect essentials checklist:


Black Lights

glow party black lights

The core of the party atmosphere. The black light is a tube light that emits ultraviolet instead of the normal light that we see. It gives a fluorescent glow to brightly colored objects such as clothes and decoration. The cheapest black light options will come around $15, you can find them on Amazon or your local hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. Grab several of these depending on how big your party area will be. 1 or 2 is enough for a living room. Remember to get extension cables to power them and determine before hand how you will mount them for best effect (the higher the better).


Glow Sticks

glow party glow sticks

Up next will be your standard glow sticks. These come in many forms, but the most common are the thin tube sticks that can be wrapped and connected into necklaces or bracelets. You can find packets of these fairly cheaply at the local dollar store or party supply store. On average they run about $10 for a pack of 25. Depending on how many people you expect, pick up 1-3 packs. Open them all up, but don't break/activate them, and put them on a table near the entrance so people can gear up as they come in. Once you break the glass tube inside the stick, it will release a glowing chemical reaction that will last several hours. Be careful not to break any open on accident (as often happens at parties) as the chemicals inside are toxic.


Fluorescent Paint/Markers 

neon markers for glow party

While you're at the party supply store (or craft store), pick up some neon or fluorescent paint or markers. These are great for writing as the black lights will kick up the color to 11. Another idea is to have some blank shirts around so people can sign each other, just make sure the markers will work on clothes. Make sure they are not permanent in case some a**hole writes on your walls.


Glowing Drinks

glowing drinks for black light party

If your mixing drinks, why not make sure they glow as well! Here are two common liquids that will glow under a black light that can be used to make drinks with: Tonic or mineral water, energy drinks with vitamin B. Vodka redbulls, vodka tonics, are the basics, but there are tons of articles on how to make more complicated mixed drinks.



Neon Decorations

glow party streamers and decoration

Anything bright will catch under the black light so you can easily adapt normal party decoration such as streamers and balloons into your party decoration. Throw in some multicolor Christmas lights where you can to add some regular light into the mix if its too much fluorescent.


Infinity Beer Pong Table

infinity beer pong table glow party

If you really want to "wow" and tie it all together, our Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table fits perfect with the glow theme and provides a centerpiece for the action. Put it near the DJ or music station and the onboard microphones will change the lights to the beat. It is seriously something people will not forget. Checkout customization options available if you want to make it even more awesome. 


Extras and Miscellaneous 

Some other things that you can have are fluorescent body paint for the girls, neon drinking cups, white ping pong balls for your beer pong games. But the most important part: Have Fun and Stay Safe.

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This Awesome Beer Pong Table is a Must Have for Your Man Cave!

This Awesome Beer Pong Table is a Must Have for Your Man Cave!

Does your man cave lack that wow factor you built up in your head? In theory, you have everything you need: a flat-screen TV, a gaming system or foosball table (whatever you’re into), a comfortable couch and chair, a fridge for your beer. Still, something’s missing. You need something none of your friends have, something big that will really impress the guys when they come over. That something may just be the Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table.
Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table

Who doesn’t love beer pong? With this table, you can play from the convenience of your own home instead of going to the bar. The Infinity Glow table, however, is beer pong like you’ve never played it before. It’s a state of the art, glow in the dark table with remote control settings for its LED lights, including music sensors. Choose from one of four music sensor settings to have the table lights flicker and change based on the beats of your favorite music. Infinity mirrors all over the surface of the table create a trippy, bouncing in the light effect that accelerates the experience.

Infinity Beer Pong started out as a DIY project in a pinch for a friend’s birthday. The venue was a dark parking lot, and one innovative partygoer decided to experiment with a glow in the dark table. At the time, it was just an idea for getting drunk and playing beer pong with friends. After that night, though, he knew he was onto something. He decided to sell one table on eBay and see how much he could make. One hundred handmade tables later, he and a small team decided to mass produce the table. Now you can have one of your own to complete your man cave.

There are so many awesome features to love about this table: the lights, the sturdy metal frame, the folding center that makes this tournament sized table easy to tuck away when you need to move it. Want to wow your friends even more? Make your table completely your own by requesting customization. The Infinity team can add your favorite sports team’s logo, an inside joke between you and your friends, or even a design of your own. The infinity mirrors help your custom design to jump from the surface.
Customized Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table

The Infinity Glow beer pong table is the perfect essential for bringing the party to your own man cave for you and your wildest friends. You’ll need help getting your friends to leave your house. So, what are you waiting for? With this beer pong table, your man cave will officially reign as the supreme man cave. Tables typically ship in about 2-8 days (with more time allowed for customization, of course). Order your Infinity Glow beer pong table today, and make sure to tell your friends it’s coming. By next week, your man cave will have that entertainment wow factor you’ve been trying to find.

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Amazing feats of Beer Pong

Beer Pong is one of the most known drinking games around, so coincidentally the game has been known for getting people pretty inebriated.  Traditionally beer pong is played with 10 cups per side, this is usually 2 beers worth of alcohol.  These party goers laughed at the idea of 2 beer games, and at the idea of potential alcohol poisoning.  After an extra trip to the store for cups and beer they set up their racks and prepared themselves for a battle the likes of which their livers had never seen before

Number 5

Most of us have had a point in our lives where we thought, “I can play a game with more than 10 cups” these are usually the famous last words followed by a blacking out, or power yacking.  These guys decided that it would be acceptable to play beer pong with 36 cups, almost 4 times the amount of a normal beer pong game.   Their back line has 8 cups instead of the traditional 4!

Number 4

Number 4 is quite a step up from the last one, number 5 used 36 solo cups in order to play, which was about 7 beers total.  The fourth rack on our list is just about 4 times that size! These guys have made a rack so large that a triangle would not even fit on their table, they had to remove the corners of their rack and they still have a staggering 12 beers in 114 cups!

Number 3

This next party goer made his rack too big for his table also, rather than cut corners like number 4, the third on the list simply made two smaller racks positioned perpendicular to the normal racks.  These “small” racks are still 50% larger than a normal beer pong rack.  Their larger rack has a 10 cup back line, totaling for 140 cups and 14 beers!

Number 2

Our last two nominations of best beer pong rack have led us to one simple conclusion, you’re probably going to run out of table space before you run out of beer.  Number 2 makes the list because not only did they have the balls to play beer pong with more cups than our other featured party goers, but they also built a table big enough to hold all of their cups in a triangle.   This massive hour glass shaped table is large enough for a 20 cup back line! That’s 210 cups and 21 beers per side!

Number 1

Our final game of beer pong is something to behold, rather than make one extra-large rack, these guys have come up with a triple stacked version of beer pong.   Its pyramid pongs drunker cousin, this game rack takes the win because it has more cups than anyone else at a staggering 360 cups but they also were able to play on a regular sized dining table something the other party goers on this list had a hard time doing.   To put this into perspective there is more beer in one side of this game than there is in entire 30 rack….

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Infinity Glow | LED Beer Pong Tables Top 5 People to Avoid Being at Parties

led beer pong tables top 5 people to avoid being at parties

No matter what you’ve done recently, hiked the Appalachian trail, Scuba dove in a tropical region, the One Upper has done it better.  They’ve climbed Everest with no oxygen, they’ve joined David Cameron on his trek to the bottom on the sea, but most importantly they did it bigger and better than you did.  The One Upper is commonly found in the wild, there’s one at almost every party stalking its prey, listening, waiting until it hears a story being told so it can move in and pounce.

the drunk

It’s Five o’clock somewhere is the life motto of The Drunk, doesn’t matter if the party doesn’t get poppin’ till 10:30 that won’t stop the drunk from getting completely plastered by 8:45.  The Drunk is a scientific marvel, the ability show up to a party hammered and still manage to drink more of the alcohol than the rest of the party has baffled scientists for generations. The Drunk midway through the night will also evolve to its final form, an immovable rock that can sleep through anything thrown at him, or stacked on him for that matter.  Nothing kills the party’s vibe like a Drunk snoring in the dogs bed in the corner of the room.

the breaker

A bottle, an ash tray, a vase, an urn with your grandmothers ashes, it doesn’t matter The Breaker will find it, and you guessed it break it.  It feels that some people under the influence just seem to break everything they touch.  The best option for dealing with Breakers should you decide to invite them is to cover everything in a layer or two in bubble wrap and hope for the best. 

the wingman

A Wingman is a college aged male’s best friend, taking the hit from a grenade and helping you to bag the dime. The “Wingman” is a different story entirely, at first glance the two are identical, ] when it really gets down to it and that one… bigger friend needs dealing with your Wingman will jump in and save the day by offering to buy her a drink.  The “Wingman” will do anything to dodge and evade his duties and leave the friend unattended, scrambling back to hot friend asking to leave. 

the fighting couple

Usually found in the corner of the room or in the kitchen whisper screaming at each other about how one of them stared at someone else, or how they always do this.  There is absolutely zero point in trying to intervene, nothing you say will change either of their minds.  In fact you will probably be dragged in and forced to choose a side, that never ends well.

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Custom Glow | LEDBPT | Top 5 House Rules

LED BPT Title Graphic, Top 5 House Rules

Beer Pong, the ever changing party game where the rules are set by the house.  Rules can vary from naked miles for the trolls or instant losses for lingering drinks.  In order to prepare you for all these complex rules, here at LEDBPT we have conducted extensive research in regards to house rules and have compiled a list of our favorite house rules for you to try at home. 

Number 5 Head Hunter

Coming in at number 5, is Head Hunter.   With this rule, participants must be careful when placing their shots, a mistake could cost you your head… but more importantly a cup!  Head hunter is a unique rule that lets you unleash some of your pent up frustration that comes with any drinking game.  Any time the ball is shot and air-balled off the end of the table it can be caught by the opposing team before it hits the ground.  If the ball be caught, they player on the receiving side has the opportunity to throw the ball at the throwing team’s heads.  Players on the throwing team are allowed to dodge the shot but not grab it out of the air.  Should the other team be hit in the head, it counts for a cup.  

Number 4 Explosion

Explosion is a rule that can easily turn the tables in a close game, it’s a simple rule with a devastating outcome, almost instantaneous rage quits from the other team.   Teammates that sink the ball into the same cup eliminate all cups that are touching said cup.  Should both players make the middle cup at the start of the game all touching cups would be eliminated, this would erase 7 cups from the table in a single turn.  

Number 3 Circle of death

Circle of death is you guessed it, a deadly rule.  It is one of the very few rules in beer pong where it actually results in an instant loss if achieved.   There are 4 cups that must be made in order to trigger the Circle of Death.  Each of the corner cups must be made first, the two at the bottom and the one at the top.  This makes a circle of 7 cups in the center of the table, by then making the center cup last a Circle of Death is achieved and the game is over. 

Number 2 Beeramid

10 cups not enough for you? Want your party to go a little more HAM? Beeramid is definitely the rule for you then.  It makes beer pong shoot from 10 cups up to 20 cups total.  A traditional rack is arranged then an additional rack of 6 cups are placed above the initial 10.   On top of those 6 a smaller rack of 3 is placed above them followed by a single cup to top the rack.   Beeramid works a little differently to normal beer pong, only specific cups can be made.    There are two ways to make cups, only cups on the top rack can be made by shooting the ball into.  If a ball is made into a lower tier row the ball is pulled and the cup stays.  The second way to make a cup is to knock a cup from a higher tier into a lower tier, the cups are then stacked and are eliminated, and this is an easy way to eliminate hard to make cups on the top tier. 

Number 1 Sink it 'n' Drink it

Sink it and Drink it is straight pong plain and simple, there is no heating up, no fire, no bounces, no nothing.  You progress through the game on talent and talent alone.   There are no reracks like there are in traditional pong, instead every time there are 6 or 3 cups remaining it changes to an automatic triangle.  Straight pong is ideal when there is a large group trying to play, its quick and intense games make it easy for everyone to get in on the fun.  

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Custom Glow | LED Beer Pong | Holiday Pre-Order!

Party Goers,

It seems the holidays come earlier and earlier every year, walking around stores and seeing Christmas decorations in mid-November made me think of only one thing.   Nothing says happy holidays like a little bit of illumination at your parties this season.  LEDBPT is happy to announce that our new line of tables will be arriving soon.  This means that if you’re one of those people into saving money, the time to act is now.   Currently using the discount code RESERVE2015 gives you $50 off new tables.  That’s $50 that can be spent on more beer, think about it, it’s a win win.  This promotion will end with the arrival of our new shipment so don’t procrastinate!

Light Up The Party!

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Custom Glow | LEDBPT | Top 5 Drinking Games


Roulette pong is designed for suspenseful, short games and is perfect if you’re playing with a small number of friends.  The short games allow groups of 3 of 5 to get everyone involved without having anyone sitting idle for too long.  Each player will have one attempt per turn to make their ball into the opposing team’s cups.  Here’s the catch, there are two kinds of cups in Roulette pong, Empties and Bullets.  Empties despite their name are filled with beer and when one is made the game continues.  The Bullet Cup is filled with whiskey or any other hard alcohol of your choosing when the bullet cup is made whether it’s the first or last cup the game ends.  At the end of a game the loser must drink the remainder of the cups, should a game end on the first cup the loser must finish all 6 cups at once. Vietpong is a seemly endless battle between the United States and Vietnam.  Players are first divided up into countries before the cups are racked, the team chosen will determine the Rack each team sets up.  The United States gets a traditional beer pong rack of 10 cups, while the Vietnamese get a Guerrilla Rack and are allowed to place their 10 cups anywhere on their side of the table.  Players take turns throwing the balls into the opposing player’s cups.  Each time a cup is made on the American’s side the player drinks and the cup is then refilled and replaced.   If a cup is made on Vietnam’s side they are not allowed to refill their cup.  The game ends if the American’s hold off long enough to make all the Vietnamese Cups or the American team is too drunk and must retreat. The rules of Wormhole are fairly simple, it’s traditional Beer Pong but with one game changing rule, the addition of the Wormhole Cup.  Each time the Wormhole Cup is made the players switch sides on the table.  This side switching addition is the most frustratingly fun Beer Pong rule we’ve played with to date.  Whether it’s the late game throws or the instant 6 cup reversal for the win Wormhole is sure to keep you interested all night.When you have a larger group at the party trying to get in on the drinking games and there only one table of Beer Pong being used.  Flong is your game, teams can be as large as the table has room for.  Players should be aware before starting that Flong is a long game and can take longer than 2 consecutive beer pong games. 

There are two roles that players must fill when playing Flong; Shooters and Flippers.  One Player on each team is the Shooter, the shooter has two shots to make balls into the opposing teams cups.  The remaining members of the team are the Flippers.  The Flippers line the side of the table to the right of the shooter. 

When a team makes a ball into a cup they are on the Offensive, teams on the offensive must win the flip cup race in order for the cup to count.  Alternatively the team who has been shot on is on the Defensive and must win the flip cup race in order to stop the cup from being pulled.   After each shooter has shot they rotate into the end of the Flip Cup line.

The Flip Cup race starts as soon as the ball lands in a cup, teams who are paying attention and ready to flip will be able to react faster.   The Race starts with the Flipper closest to the Shooter and ends with the further Flipper has finished their cup.Slap Cup is unrivaled in terms of energy, do not play this game if noise or mess is an issue.  If you’re planning on playing this at the secret party in your parent’s house this weekend, stop now.  This is hands down the messiest drinking game around so it is better suited to outside play.   It’s played at a much quicker pace than most drinking games so the game can easily have people drunkenly fumbling around the room chasing pong balls and cups. The game starts by piling all of the cups into the center of the table, two players will start with cups in front of them, when the game stars they must finish the beer in their cups and begin.  Slap Cup is played by trying to bounce a pong ball into a cup as fast as possible, should you bounce it into the cup first try you may pass the cup to anyone on the table.  If the cup is made on any other attempt but the first it is passed to the left only.   Should you make your cup prior to the player to your left you may slap their cup off the table with as much force as you please, launch it into space if you will.  By now you should be understanding the messiness of the game, 30+ cups being slapped in every direction is sure to leave beer residue on every possible visible surface.   Should a player have their cup slapped away they must grab a cup from the center, finish it and try and make the cup and pass it before the slap comes back.  If you miss your bounce and the ball falls into a cup in the middle that cup must be finished before you can continue bouncing.  The last cup on the pile is a Death Cup, there are no winners in Slap Cup, only a loser.  The Death Cup is filled with whatever the game makers decided is an acceptable punishment and must be finished by the loser.

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