This Beer Pong Table is for Serious Mancaves Only!

This Beer Pong Table is for Serious Mancaves Only!

The Infinity Glow LED beer pong table is not for just any mancave. If you’re content with a small basement den, a small TV, and an old, moldy couch, this beer pong table is not for you. If your mancave is a place to get away and take a nap every now and then, this beer pong table is not for you. And if you think that beer pong can be played on just any table, then you might as well buy a $30 plastic fold down table for your mancave, because this beer pong table is not for you.

The Infinity Glow beer pong table was made for “go big or go home” mancaves. Mancaves with a full bar and a 40” flat screen TV. Mancaves that waste no time with the ordinary and go straight for the wow factor. Mancaves that belong in the Mancave Hall of Fame. If you’ve created a personal paradise for yourself and your buddies with only the most state of the art entertainment for nights that go all out or don’t happen at all, then congratulations: the Infinity Glow beer pong table is the perfect addition for your intense mancave.
Infinity Glow LED beer pong table

What is the Infinity Glow LED beer pong table? This table is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on the market. It has remote controlled LED light settings originally created so that a group of friends could play beer pong in the dark. Since then, it’s become much more than that, with eight solid colors to choose from and eight settings, including four music sensor settings. The sensors pick up on the music playing around the table and the lights flash to the beat. The table is designed with infinity mirrors that dance in the lights for a trippier beer pong than you’ve ever played before. And this table isn’t some flashy new toy that will be broken after a few beer pong tournaments. It’s created with a sturdy metal frame that will hold up for the hardest nights. When you’re done playing, or if your mancave ever needs to be relocated, just fold the table down and take it with you. It’s easy!

Need a little more wow from your beer pong table to really impress your friends? Why not have it customized? Infinity can have the logo from your favorite sports team or TV show, or just a favorite joke of yours, designed into the table. The infinity mirrors built into the table will really help the design pop and stand out as you and your friends flip off the lights and play beer pong. Customized or not, this table will be the highlight of your mancave, but a custom design will just ensure that your friends keep coming back for more.
Customized Infinity Glow LED beer pong table

So is your mancave serious enough for the Infinity Glow beer pong table? Ready to take your room to the next level? Well, order your own Infinity Glow beer pong table. Tables ship within about a week of ordering (with more time allowed for customization, of course). Make your mancave everything you never knew you needed and more with this state of the art beer pong table.