This Awesome Beer Pong Table is a Must Have for Your Man Cave!

This Awesome Beer Pong Table is a Must Have for Your Man Cave!

Does your man cave lack that wow factor you built up in your head? In theory, you have everything you need: a flat-screen TV, a gaming system or foosball table (whatever you’re into), a comfortable couch and chair, a fridge for your beer. Still, something’s missing. You need something none of your friends have, something big that will really impress the guys when they come over. That something may just be the Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table.
Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table

Who doesn’t love beer pong? With this table, you can play from the convenience of your own home instead of going to the bar. The Infinity Glow table, however, is beer pong like you’ve never played it before. It’s a state of the art, glow in the dark table with remote control settings for its LED lights, including music sensors. Choose from one of four music sensor settings to have the table lights flicker and change based on the beats of your favorite music. Infinity mirrors all over the surface of the table create a trippy, bouncing in the light effect that accelerates the experience.

Infinity Beer Pong started out as a DIY project in a pinch for a friend’s birthday. The venue was a dark parking lot, and one innovative partygoer decided to experiment with a glow in the dark table. At the time, it was just an idea for getting drunk and playing beer pong with friends. After that night, though, he knew he was onto something. He decided to sell one table on eBay and see how much he could make. One hundred handmade tables later, he and a small team decided to mass produce the table. Now you can have one of your own to complete your man cave.

There are so many awesome features to love about this table: the lights, the sturdy metal frame, the folding center that makes this tournament sized table easy to tuck away when you need to move it. Want to wow your friends even more? Make your table completely your own by requesting customization. The Infinity team can add your favorite sports team’s logo, an inside joke between you and your friends, or even a design of your own. The infinity mirrors help your custom design to jump from the surface.
Customized Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table

The Infinity Glow beer pong table is the perfect essential for bringing the party to your own man cave for you and your wildest friends. You’ll need help getting your friends to leave your house. So, what are you waiting for? With this beer pong table, your man cave will officially reign as the supreme man cave. Tables typically ship in about 2-8 days (with more time allowed for customization, of course). Order your Infinity Glow beer pong table today, and make sure to tell your friends it’s coming. By next week, your man cave will have that entertainment wow factor you’ve been trying to find.