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Best Beer Pong Table on the Market


Rejoice, your Party Saviors have arrived!

Here at LEDBPT we strive to help create the best parties for our customers. What better way to do that than through beer pong?  

We are essentially the Lamborghini of Beer Pong Tables, offering a rigid metal frame construction that meets tournament regulations of 8ftx2ft dimensions and is capable of standing up to the wildest parties or events you can throw at it. RGB LEDs reflect 16 different colors off infinity mirrors creating the illusion of an endless space under the table’s glass top. An infrared controller located on the bottom of the tables gives the user the ability to change the color/strobe pattern of the lights or even make them sync up to music playing.  Complete with removable legs, a bi-fold design and magnetic locks means that as soon as the party is over cleanup is a breeze.   

We also offer customization options for our tables, adding unique customer created graphics in a white vinyl finish which really pops under the LED light.  

Whether at a Fraternity party, a night out at a local Bar and Billiards, or a Vegas Bar and Grill our tables are always the center of attention. 

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