Planning an Event? Here’s 3 Things Your Guests Will Enjoy!

Planning an Event? Here’s 3 Things Your Guests Will Enjoy!If you’re an event planner, presumably you chose that career because you have a knack for planning events. You love coordinating all the best essentials to help people have a good time. By now, you’ve probably also realized that to do that you have to stay competitive and keep a pulse on the latest, greatest party essentials. This is perhaps the biggest challenge for party planners, with the ever-changing trends and technologies. Fortunately, we can provide some insight. Here are 3 party essentials your guests will probably never have seen before that are sure to wow them:

1. Crowd Mics Atom

Crowd Mics Atom
Crowd Mics small atom box can connect with all the phones in the room and turn them each into their own microphones. That’s right, every guest at the party will have their own microphone. This is great for formal corporate events like panels and conferences, but it can also be a great way to take the party to the next level. Imagine karaoke with an app like crowd mics. Want to do group numbers? It’s easy. Want to switch it off from one person to another at random? No problem! You can even play games for the whole party with no worry that anyone won’t be heard.

2. Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table

Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table
This table is the table that beer pong lovers never knew they needed. If you have a dim or dark setting--no problem! Play beer pong in the dark with 8 LED light settings to light up the table, including 4 music sensor settings that will cause the lights to flash to the beat of the music. Infinity mirrors dance in the light of the table for an added fun effect, and you can even get the table customized with your company logo. Once the party is over, the table folds down easily and can be transported to light up the next party.

3. TIKI Brand 66-Inch Island King Large Flame Torch

TIKI Brand 66-Inch Island King Large Flame Torch
Even in August, summer is still going strong, and outdoor parties are still all the rage. You can add some party spirit to your outdoor party by bringing along some tiki torches--but these aren’t your usual bamboo torches. These tall torches with sleek gunmetal finishes light a flame 5 times larger than your typical flame torch, and that flame stays as constant in the summer heat, even on windy nights. No matter what the weather, these torches won’t go out and the party can keep going all night long. They’re easy to light with a twist and pour system, and easy to put out. These will be a huge hit at your next event.

Any of these party essentials will be sure to delight the hardest to impress guest. Sure, trends come and go. Chances are in a year or two, someone will come out with some new state of the art party essential. But you’ll be ready for it when it comes. These party gems aren’t going anywhere any time soon--except to your next event!