How to Turn a Profit With Beer Pong

How to Turn a Profit With Beer Pong

There’s no business quite like running your own bar. It’s what every beer enthusiast dreams of, but not every beer enthusiast has the business smarts to turn it into reality. But you did. You got your bar up and running and made it more or less the bar you always wanted to visit. Now it’s a matter of getting customers in the door.

Owning a bar can be the best job, but it’s not easy to stay competitive when there are five other bars on your street alone. Creating your personal brand is vital to keeping your business afloat. You need something that sets your bar apart from the rest and gives patrons a reason to go to you instead of the bar across the street.

Would you believe me if I told you the answer might be beer pong?

It makes sense on an obvious level. To play beer pong, you need lots of beer, which means customers will have to buy more beer from you. Beer pong is a group effort, so your customer would be more likely to invite their friends. They would also be more likely to tell their party-loving friends about their favorite bar with a beer pong table. But you can think bigger than that. Schedule beer pong tournaments and invite all your social media contacts. Post videos on Facebook of your patrons playing beer pong and having a good time. A beer pong table can go a long way to doubling or tripling your business.

To really stand out, though, you don’t just want any foldout table that can be bought in stores. You need a table that draws the eye, something your patrons can’t find in any other bar. You need something like the Infinity Glow beer pong table. This table is state of the art, with remote controlled LED lights. There are four different display modes, including music sensors that cause the lights to flash to the beat of whatever music is playing in the room. Infinity mirrors all along the table cause a dancing-lights effect for a trippy atmosphere. No matter how dim the lighting is, this table will shine through. It’s sturdy and easy to fold down when you close up for the night, with a magnetic lock to hold it in place.

You can go the extra mile with your eye-catching Infinity Glow beer pong table by getting it customized. Ask the manufacturers to have your bar name or logo emblazoned on the center of the table. With the illusion of the infinity mirrors, your logo will look as though it’s ready to jump off of the table and spring to life.

This table will be like nothing you, your patrons, or your competitors have ever seen. If you want an element to make your bar stand out from the pack, you want Infinity Beer Pong. So, what are you waiting for? Order your table now. They ship in about a week, with added time allowed for customization, of course. You’ll make up the cost of the table and then some in profit before you know it!