A Beer Pong Table To Make Your Bar Stand Out

A Beer Pong Table To Make Your Bar Stand Out

What is your bar’s signature feature? What makes people choose to go to your bar over any of your competitors? Is it a good atmosphere? Excellent service? Cheap prices? What’s the buzz about your bar on social media? Maybe your signature feature isn’t drawing in as many customers as you thought that it would, at first. You need a wow factor, something that people will talk about and come back for again and again. What about a game or competition? What about beer pong?

When it comes to adding a game night to your bar, beer pong seems like the obvious solution. You have beer, and you have tables. You probably have customers who like to drink beer pong. But anyone can clear off a table and set a triangle of solo cups on each end. Anyone can play that kind of beer pong from their own homes if they didn’t feel like going out. So, what can you do to up the ante, to convince your customers to come out tonight and to come to your bar specifically?

LED beer pong table

If you need something to make you stand out and you’re thinking of beer pong, Infinity Glow LED beer pong table is the solution you’ve been searching for. This state of the art beer pong table will stand out in any setting, and once people know you have it, your bar will stand out, too. It has 8 LED light settings, including 4 music sensors. The music sensors will pick up on the music playing in the room and cause the lights to dance along to the beat. Infinity mirrors create a playful, trippy effect that customers love, and the sturdy metal frame will hold up even if things start to get a little rowdy. At the end of the night, or if you have to relocate, the table folds up for easy transport.

Want to make even more of a statement with your Infinity Glow beer pong table? Consider having it customized. You can have the logo for your bar printed on the table, or a popular local sports team if your clientele is mostly sports fanatics. If your bar plays a popular show on your TV, like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, you can have artwork from one of those shows embossed on the table. The infinity mirrors really help the customized artwork to pop.

This Infinity Glow beer pong table is the perfect thing to help your bar to stand out. The second your customers see this table, they’ll be amazed. They’ll want to bring their friends with them. They’ll want to post pictures all over social media. This table could be the catalyst for the buzz that your bar needs to stay competitive. So, what are you waiting for? Order your Infinity Glow beer pong table now, and it will ship in about a week (with longer time allowed for customization, of course). Start the buzz yourself and let customers know it’s coming!