Amazing feats of Beer Pong

Beer Pong is one of the most known drinking games around, so coincidentally the game has been known for getting people pretty inebriated.  Traditionally beer pong is played with 10 cups per side, this is usually 2 beers worth of alcohol.  These party goers laughed at the idea of 2 beer games, and at the idea of potential alcohol poisoning.  After an extra trip to the store for cups and beer they set up their racks and prepared themselves for a battle the likes of which their livers had never seen before

Number 5

Most of us have had a point in our lives where we thought, “I can play a game with more than 10 cups” these are usually the famous last words followed by a blacking out, or power yacking.  These guys decided that it would be acceptable to play beer pong with 36 cups, almost 4 times the amount of a normal beer pong game.   Their back line has 8 cups instead of the traditional 4!

Number 4

Number 4 is quite a step up from the last one, number 5 used 36 solo cups in order to play, which was about 7 beers total.  The fourth rack on our list is just about 4 times that size! These guys have made a rack so large that a triangle would not even fit on their table, they had to remove the corners of their rack and they still have a staggering 12 beers in 114 cups!

Number 3

This next party goer made his rack too big for his table also, rather than cut corners like number 4, the third on the list simply made two smaller racks positioned perpendicular to the normal racks.  These “small” racks are still 50% larger than a normal beer pong rack.  Their larger rack has a 10 cup back line, totaling for 140 cups and 14 beers!

Number 2

Our last two nominations of best beer pong rack have led us to one simple conclusion, you’re probably going to run out of table space before you run out of beer.  Number 2 makes the list because not only did they have the balls to play beer pong with more cups than our other featured party goers, but they also built a table big enough to hold all of their cups in a triangle.   This massive hour glass shaped table is large enough for a 20 cup back line! That’s 210 cups and 21 beers per side!

Number 1

Our final game of beer pong is something to behold, rather than make one extra-large rack, these guys have come up with a triple stacked version of beer pong.   Its pyramid pongs drunker cousin, this game rack takes the win because it has more cups than anyone else at a staggering 360 cups but they also were able to play on a regular sized dining table something the other party goers on this list had a hard time doing.   To put this into perspective there is more beer in one side of this game than there is in entire 30 rack….