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LED BPT Title Graphic, Top 5 House Rules

Beer Pong, the ever changing party game where the rules are set by the house.  Rules can vary from naked miles for the trolls or instant losses for lingering drinks.  In order to prepare you for all these complex rules, here at LEDBPT we have conducted extensive research in regards to house rules and have compiled a list of our favorite house rules for you to try at home. 

Number 5 Head Hunter

Coming in at number 5, is Head Hunter.   With this rule, participants must be careful when placing their shots, a mistake could cost you your head… but more importantly a cup!  Head hunter is a unique rule that lets you unleash some of your pent up frustration that comes with any drinking game.  Any time the ball is shot and air-balled off the end of the table it can be caught by the opposing team before it hits the ground.  If the ball be caught, they player on the receiving side has the opportunity to throw the ball at the throwing team’s heads.  Players on the throwing team are allowed to dodge the shot but not grab it out of the air.  Should the other team be hit in the head, it counts for a cup.  

Number 4 Explosion

Explosion is a rule that can easily turn the tables in a close game, it’s a simple rule with a devastating outcome, almost instantaneous rage quits from the other team.   Teammates that sink the ball into the same cup eliminate all cups that are touching said cup.  Should both players make the middle cup at the start of the game all touching cups would be eliminated, this would erase 7 cups from the table in a single turn.  

Number 3 Circle of death

Circle of death is you guessed it, a deadly rule.  It is one of the very few rules in beer pong where it actually results in an instant loss if achieved.   There are 4 cups that must be made in order to trigger the Circle of Death.  Each of the corner cups must be made first, the two at the bottom and the one at the top.  This makes a circle of 7 cups in the center of the table, by then making the center cup last a Circle of Death is achieved and the game is over. 

Number 2 Beeramid

10 cups not enough for you? Want your party to go a little more HAM? Beeramid is definitely the rule for you then.  It makes beer pong shoot from 10 cups up to 20 cups total.  A traditional rack is arranged then an additional rack of 6 cups are placed above the initial 10.   On top of those 6 a smaller rack of 3 is placed above them followed by a single cup to top the rack.   Beeramid works a little differently to normal beer pong, only specific cups can be made.    There are two ways to make cups, only cups on the top rack can be made by shooting the ball into.  If a ball is made into a lower tier row the ball is pulled and the cup stays.  The second way to make a cup is to knock a cup from a higher tier into a lower tier, the cups are then stacked and are eliminated, and this is an easy way to eliminate hard to make cups on the top tier. 

Number 1 Sink it 'n' Drink it

Sink it and Drink it is straight pong plain and simple, there is no heating up, no fire, no bounces, no nothing.  You progress through the game on talent and talent alone.   There are no reracks like there are in traditional pong, instead every time there are 6 or 3 cups remaining it changes to an automatic triangle.  Straight pong is ideal when there is a large group trying to play, its quick and intense games make it easy for everyone to get in on the fun.