Custom Glow | LEDBPT | Top 5 Drinking Games


Roulette pong is designed for suspenseful, short games and is perfect if you’re playing with a small number of friends.  The short games allow groups of 3 of 5 to get everyone involved without having anyone sitting idle for too long.  Each player will have one attempt per turn to make their ball into the opposing team’s cups.  Here’s the catch, there are two kinds of cups in Roulette pong, Empties and Bullets.  Empties despite their name are filled with beer and when one is made the game continues.  The Bullet Cup is filled with whiskey or any other hard alcohol of your choosing when the bullet cup is made whether it’s the first or last cup the game ends.  At the end of a game the loser must drink the remainder of the cups, should a game end on the first cup the loser must finish all 6 cups at once. Vietpong is a seemly endless battle between the United States and Vietnam.  Players are first divided up into countries before the cups are racked, the team chosen will determine the Rack each team sets up.  The United States gets a traditional beer pong rack of 10 cups, while the Vietnamese get a Guerrilla Rack and are allowed to place their 10 cups anywhere on their side of the table.  Players take turns throwing the balls into the opposing player’s cups.  Each time a cup is made on the American’s side the player drinks and the cup is then refilled and replaced.   If a cup is made on Vietnam’s side they are not allowed to refill their cup.  The game ends if the American’s hold off long enough to make all the Vietnamese Cups or the American team is too drunk and must retreat. The rules of Wormhole are fairly simple, it’s traditional Beer Pong but with one game changing rule, the addition of the Wormhole Cup.  Each time the Wormhole Cup is made the players switch sides on the table.  This side switching addition is the most frustratingly fun Beer Pong rule we’ve played with to date.  Whether it’s the late game throws or the instant 6 cup reversal for the win Wormhole is sure to keep you interested all night.When you have a larger group at the party trying to get in on the drinking games and there only one table of Beer Pong being used.  Flong is your game, teams can be as large as the table has room for.  Players should be aware before starting that Flong is a long game and can take longer than 2 consecutive beer pong games. 

There are two roles that players must fill when playing Flong; Shooters and Flippers.  One Player on each team is the Shooter, the shooter has two shots to make balls into the opposing teams cups.  The remaining members of the team are the Flippers.  The Flippers line the side of the table to the right of the shooter. 

When a team makes a ball into a cup they are on the Offensive, teams on the offensive must win the flip cup race in order for the cup to count.  Alternatively the team who has been shot on is on the Defensive and must win the flip cup race in order to stop the cup from being pulled.   After each shooter has shot they rotate into the end of the Flip Cup line.

The Flip Cup race starts as soon as the ball lands in a cup, teams who are paying attention and ready to flip will be able to react faster.   The Race starts with the Flipper closest to the Shooter and ends with the further Flipper has finished their cup.Slap Cup is unrivaled in terms of energy, do not play this game if noise or mess is an issue.  If you’re planning on playing this at the secret party in your parent’s house this weekend, stop now.  This is hands down the messiest drinking game around so it is better suited to outside play.   It’s played at a much quicker pace than most drinking games so the game can easily have people drunkenly fumbling around the room chasing pong balls and cups. The game starts by piling all of the cups into the center of the table, two players will start with cups in front of them, when the game stars they must finish the beer in their cups and begin.  Slap Cup is played by trying to bounce a pong ball into a cup as fast as possible, should you bounce it into the cup first try you may pass the cup to anyone on the table.  If the cup is made on any other attempt but the first it is passed to the left only.   Should you make your cup prior to the player to your left you may slap their cup off the table with as much force as you please, launch it into space if you will.  By now you should be understanding the messiness of the game, 30+ cups being slapped in every direction is sure to leave beer residue on every possible visible surface.   Should a player have their cup slapped away they must grab a cup from the center, finish it and try and make the cup and pass it before the slap comes back.  If you miss your bounce and the ball falls into a cup in the middle that cup must be finished before you can continue bouncing.  The last cup on the pile is a Death Cup, there are no winners in Slap Cup, only a loser.  The Death Cup is filled with whatever the game makers decided is an acceptable punishment and must be finished by the loser.