6 Essentials for an Amazing Glow Party

6 essentials for an amazing glow party

Glow parties are a great theme for any house party, frat rager, or birthy bash. This theme of party revolves around guests wearing bright fluorescent clothes, glow in the dark accessories, and colorful lights all over. Imagine a rave and that's basically a glow party minus the catastrophic inducing crowd. If you're looking to throw that multicolored experience, this little list of must have will be your perfect essentials checklist:


Black Lights

glow party black lights

The core of the party atmosphere. The black light is a tube light that emits ultraviolet instead of the normal light that we see. It gives a fluorescent glow to brightly colored objects such as clothes and decoration. The cheapest black light options will come around $15, you can find them on Amazon or your local hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. Grab several of these depending on how big your party area will be. 1 or 2 is enough for a living room. Remember to get extension cables to power them and determine before hand how you will mount them for best effect (the higher the better).


Glow Sticks

glow party glow sticks

Up next will be your standard glow sticks. These come in many forms, but the most common are the thin tube sticks that can be wrapped and connected into necklaces or bracelets. You can find packets of these fairly cheaply at the local dollar store or party supply store. On average they run about $10 for a pack of 25. Depending on how many people you expect, pick up 1-3 packs. Open them all up, but don't break/activate them, and put them on a table near the entrance so people can gear up as they come in. Once you break the glass tube inside the stick, it will release a glowing chemical reaction that will last several hours. Be careful not to break any open on accident (as often happens at parties) as the chemicals inside are toxic.


Fluorescent Paint/Markers 

neon markers for glow party

While you're at the party supply store (or craft store), pick up some neon or fluorescent paint or markers. These are great for writing as the black lights will kick up the color to 11. Another idea is to have some blank shirts around so people can sign each other, just make sure the markers will work on clothes. Make sure they are not permanent in case some a**hole writes on your walls.


Glowing Drinks

glowing drinks for black light party

If your mixing drinks, why not make sure they glow as well! Here are two common liquids that will glow under a black light that can be used to make drinks with: Tonic or mineral water, energy drinks with vitamin B. Vodka redbulls, vodka tonics, are the basics, but there are tons of articles on how to make more complicated mixed drinks.

Example: https://delishably.com/beverages/drinks-that-glow-in-the-dark


Neon Decorations

glow party streamers and decoration

Anything bright will catch under the black light so you can easily adapt normal party decoration such as streamers and balloons into your party decoration. Throw in some multicolor Christmas lights where you can to add some regular light into the mix if its too much fluorescent.


Infinity Beer Pong Table

infinity beer pong table glow party

If you really want to "wow" and tie it all together, our Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table fits perfect with the glow theme and provides a centerpiece for the action. Put it near the DJ or music station and the onboard microphones will change the lights to the beat. It is seriously something people will not forget. Checkout customization options available if you want to make it even more awesome. 


Extras and Miscellaneous 

Some other things that you can have are fluorescent body paint for the girls, neon drinking cups, white ping pong balls for your beer pong games. But the most important part: Have Fun and Stay Safe.