5 Must Haves for the Party Your Friends Will Remember (Or Not!)

5 Must Haves for the Party Your Friends Will Remember (Or Not!)

Undoubtedly, the best part about moving off campus and into your own place is throwing your own house parties. You’ve got the crew, and now you have the venue. It’s time to throw an epic rager you and your friends will look back on (maybe with regret) for years. Before you send out the invites, here are some party must-haves to make your house party the best night it can be:

1. A Dope Sound System

Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker

If your music isn’t on point, no one is going to be having a good time. Whether you curate a party playlist or hire a DJ, you want to make sure the music is blaring all through the house. If you have a DJ, you don’t have to worry about it. They’ll probably bring their own equipment. For playlisters, we recommend the Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is about 16” tall and 7” wide, but it packs a powerful surround sound big enough for any party, and it connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth device. It’s also waterproof, so it’s great for indoors or out.

2. Light Show

disco ball from Vnina

An epic light show goes hand-in-hand with a good sound system to set the mood for your party. You could go without them, and, with the right drinks, your guests will probably start to feel like they’re spinning, anyway. But the party vibe is so much stronger with party lights. Try this disco ball from Vnina with LED bulbs. It has seven different settings and remote control. Just sit it on a shelf or on your coffee table, turn off the house lights and go.

3. A 5gal Keg

Torpedo Ball Lock Keg

Of course, what house party would be complete without a keg? And when it comes to keg stands, you don’t want to go halfway. Try this 5 gallon Torpedo Ball Lock Keg. You might want to invest in a kegerator like EdgeStar’s Full Size Kegerator to keep the keg cool throughout the night. Your friends will be talking about it for weeks after the fact.


4. The Right Beer

top party beers

The main attraction--the booze. Your guests are all going to have different preferences, so you want to have a good mix. Here’s a list of some of the top party beers. Of course, you can have a BYOB party to get a wide variety and save a little bit on costs, but if you can provide the imbibements yourself, your friends will be that much more impressed.

5. Beer Pong!

 Infinity Glow Beer Pong

You can’t have a house party with beer flowing and keg full and not have drinking games. And when it comes to drinking games, Beer Pong is the king. Fortunately, we have the perfect table for you: Infinity Glow Beer Pong. This table literally lights up any party with multi-color LED lights. Even cooler, music sensors will change the table’s lights based on the music that’s playing. You can even have custom graphics added to make the table really your own.

With all these party tools (no, not your roommate), your place will be the place to be on a Friday night. Party hard!