4 Holiday Drinking Games To Help You Forget 2019

Once the Christmas music starts playing at the local stores, nothing says "holidays" like lounging around getting a charge out of games with your more distant family individuals. Nothing says "survival" like the need to join liquor in with the general mish-mash. 

So set away those dominos and exchange them for some genuine fun drinking games. Here's our overview of five holiday and alcohol doused occasion drinking games that are the ideal redirection from inquiries regarding your own life.


Giant Christmas Tree Pong

Whip out your most awesome beer pong table, a large stack of cups, plenty of light beer, some eggnog or other holiday shot and some ping pong balls.

  1. Setup the largest "tree" of cups that can fit on the table each side of the table.
  2. Each row, mark one cup as an "ornament", you can use a different color cup, write on it, or put in a tiny bow from the other game.
  3. All standard rules of beer pong apply.
  4. If the "ornament" cups are sunk, that team takes a holiday shot.


Deck The Halls

This one is more of a passive game, good for larger social parties. Buy several bags of the very small Christmas bows and hand several to each of your guests. Everyone will try to discreetly stick the bows onto their fellow guests.

  1. If you are seen trying to stick a bow on your target, it does not count, take it back!
  2. Call out any bows that you see on someone, that person takes a drink for getting "decked".
  3. You cannot call out your own bows. Fun tip: You can separate the bow colors by team or by individual for extra competition or cooperative play.


Marshmellow Tower

Reverse Jenga, with less heart attack and more buzzing. Grab a bag of large marshmallows, a bottle of Vodka and some beer. Put on Mashmellow World and find a coaster like the ones you get at a bar and put it in the middle of the table.

  1. Each player will attempt to stack a marshmallow.
  2. You can "pass" by taking down the top marshmallow and drinking a sip of your beer for each marshmallow remaining on the stack.
  3. If the stack is knocked over while adding or removing a marshmallow, that player takes a shot.
  4. 4) Repeat till inebriated.


Mr. Grinch

A bit of Taboo and charades with a holiday twist. Grab some pieces of paper or index cards. Everyone writes down three lines from "Mr. Grinch", one per card. Put all the lines into one deck of cards/papers. Split up into two teams. Each team will take turns sending a member to convey to their team members what the phrases on the cards are.

  1. You have one minute per member.
  2. You cannot use the same words on the card.
  3. You can skip by putting the current card on the bottom of the stack.
  4. Your team can guess a maximum of 3 times.

Once the time limit is up, the opposing team drinks how many the other team got right. Repeat until all the cards are used. If you wish to continue, you can reuse the cards in round two, but now you can only say one word only. Round three, you cannot use words, only gestures.

Merry drinkmas!