5 Beer Pong Essentials You Never Knew Existed

5 Beer Pong Essentials You Never Knew Existed

Are you the king of beer pong within your group of friends? First to break out the table and champion of every beer pong tournament your frat hosts? The beer gods may smile on you, and for good reason, but there’s always more out there that you didn’t know. Here are three beer pong essentials to make your beer pong game go even harder than you ever thought possible:

1. A Beer Pong Kit

Beer Pong Drinking Game Essentials Kit

Who knew you could have all the essentials of beer pong in a portable kit about the size of a board game? This Beer Pong Drinking Game Essentials Kit includes two racks with 22 16oz cups and cup holders and two beer pong balls. Better still, this beer pong kit is the official kit of the World Series of Beer Pong, the longest running organized beer pong tournament in the world. With this kit, you can take beer pong with you wherever you go. All you need to add is a table and beer. And who knows? Maybe if you use it enough, you’ll find yourself at the WSoBP next year.

2. Beer Pong in the Pool

inflatable beer pong table

How can you make a pool party even better? By adding beer pong! This inflatable beer pong table comes with three ping pong balls, ten cup holders on each end and four along the sides of the float. Just inflate it (by pump), insert beer, and set it loose on the pool for the most epic pool party your friends have ever attended. And when you’re not playing beer pong, you can be as selfish or social as you want: use the inflatable table as a floating lounge and lay back in the pool with your drink at your side or share it with your friends as a place to hold your drinks.

3. Glow in the Dark Beer Pong!

The Infinity Glow beer pong table

This may be the trippiest beer pong table you’ve ever seen for all the best reasons. The Infinity Glow beer pong table has remote controlled LED light settings, including music sensors that sense the beat of the music around you and flash the lights of the table to that beat. Infinity mirrors dance in the light to keep the party quite literally hopping. This is a showstopper of a beer pong table, one that all your friends will be talking about, and its sturdy metal frame ensures that it will hold up longer than your wild party days will. You can even have your table customized with your name, your favorite sports team, or a design that means something to you and your friends.


4. Hex Cups

Hex Cups


If you're looking for the best setup for that final shot, Hex Cups has you covered. Started as a Kickstarter, these reusable cups fit together perfectly, for seamless formations. They are also slip resistant so no more floating cups gliding over the table.


5. Slip Cups

Slip Cups


Tired of finding dog hair and dirt in your beer pong cups? Slip cups puts sanitation first. This cup covers catch the ball before they make contact with the beer below, making taking that cup way less nasty. 

So, you’ve mastered everything there was to master about beer pong as you knew it before. Now you can wow your friends with your pool pong or beer pong in the dark skills. You and your friends will go wild over these awesome beer pong essentials, and beer pong may never be the same for you.