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4 Holiday Drinking Games To Help You Forget 2019

Once the Christmas music starts playing at the local stores, nothing says "holidays" like lounging around getting a charge out of games with your more distant family individuals. Nothing says "survival" like the need to join liquor in with the general mish-mash. 

So set away those dominos and exchange them for some genuine fun drinking games. Here's our overview of five holiday and alcohol doused occasion drinking games that are the ideal redirection from inquiries regarding your own life.


Giant Christmas Tree Pong

Whip out your most awesome beer pong table, a large stack of cups, plenty of light beer, some eggnog or other holiday shot and some ping pong balls.

  1. Setup the largest "tree" of cups that can fit on the table each side of the table.
  2. Each row, mark one cup as an "ornament", you can use a different color cup, write on it, or put in a tiny bow from the other game.
  3. All standard rules of beer pong apply.
  4. If the "ornament" cups are sunk, that team takes a holiday shot.


Deck The Halls

This one is more of a passive game, good for larger social parties. Buy several bags of the very small Christmas bows and hand several to each of your guests. Everyone will try to discreetly stick the bows onto their fellow guests.

  1. If you are seen trying to stick a bow on your target, it does not count, take it back!
  2. Call out any bows that you see on someone, that person takes a drink for getting "decked".
  3. You cannot call out your own bows. Fun tip: You can separate the bow colors by team or by individual for extra competition or cooperative play.


Marshmellow Tower

Reverse Jenga, with less heart attack and more buzzing. Grab a bag of large marshmallows, a bottle of Vodka and some beer. Put on Mashmellow World and find a coaster like the ones you get at a bar and put it in the middle of the table.

  1. Each player will attempt to stack a marshmallow.
  2. You can "pass" by taking down the top marshmallow and drinking a sip of your beer for each marshmallow remaining on the stack.
  3. If the stack is knocked over while adding or removing a marshmallow, that player takes a shot.
  4. 4) Repeat till inebriated.


Mr. Grinch

A bit of Taboo and charades with a holiday twist. Grab some pieces of paper or index cards. Everyone writes down three lines from "Mr. Grinch", one per card. Put all the lines into one deck of cards/papers. Split up into two teams. Each team will take turns sending a member to convey to their team members what the phrases on the cards are.

  1. You have one minute per member.
  2. You cannot use the same words on the card.
  3. You can skip by putting the current card on the bottom of the stack.
  4. Your team can guess a maximum of 3 times.

Once the time limit is up, the opposing team drinks how many the other team got right. Repeat until all the cards are used. If you wish to continue, you can reuse the cards in round two, but now you can only say one word only. Round three, you cannot use words, only gestures.

Merry drinkmas!

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Wow Your Party Guests With This Awesome Crowd Pleaser

Wow Your Party Guests With This Awesome Crowd Pleaser

Party Planning that Impresses…
Professional party planners have to be on top of their game at all times to keep their business. When you plan a party, it’s not just a good time, it’s a reflection on your ability to do your job well. The party industry is always changing, and partygoers are always searching for more. The same birthday party or work retreat that you’ve done for the same client five years in a row won’t be enough. You need something that your clients have never seen before, something that will make them tell all their friends to hire you the next time they want to throw a party. Fortunately, we have just the thing for you.

Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table
Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “Beer pong? Isn’t that for frat boys and bars?” But this beer pong table is like nothing you’ve ever seen. The Infinity Glow beer pong table has eight different LED lights, and infinity mirrors that bounce in the lights and complement them. The table is controlled by remote and even includes four “music sensor” settings that will make the lights flash to the beat of the music playing at the party. This table comes in a sturdy metal frame that will hold up no matter how wild the party gets, and at the end of the day, it folds up easily so it’s ready to go to the next party.

Infinity Glow beer pong table

This state of the art table was actually originally created for a birthday party among a group of friends. The party was in a dark venue but the guests wanted to play beer pong. One innovative guest decided to try his prototype for a glow in the dark beer pong table. After selling one hundred handmade tables on eBay, he formed a small team and put his table officially on the market. Now it’s ready to be a part of your next party!

Customize it
This table is already state-of-the-art, but you can customize it even further by requesting your own design to be displayed on the center of the table. Get your own logo printed on the table or present it as a gift for your guests with some design personal to them (the names of the newlyweds at a wedding reception, a sports team logo--the options are endless!). Customized designs are perfect for the party planner ambitious to wow.

Customized Beer Pong Table

This table is perfect for the most enthusiastic party guests. Take a look at the pictures and reviews on the website. This table will impress you, an experienced party planner, and it’s sure to stun your guests. The dancing LED lights set the party mood all on their own. So, why wait? Order your Infinity Glow beer pong table now. It ships in about a week (longer in cases of customization, of course). Once you have it, tell your clients about your awesome new party must-have and watch your business boom.

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Planning an Event? Here’s 3 Things Your Guests Will Enjoy!

Planning an Event? Here’s 3 Things Your Guests Will Enjoy!If you’re an event planner, presumably you chose that career because you have a knack for planning events. You love coordinating all the best essentials to help people have a good time. By now, you’ve probably also realized that to do that you have to stay competitive and keep a pulse on the latest, greatest party essentials. This is perhaps the biggest challenge for party planners, with the ever-changing trends and technologies. Fortunately, we can provide some insight. Here are 3 party essentials your guests will probably never have seen before that are sure to wow them:

1. Crowd Mics Atom

Crowd Mics Atom
Crowd Mics small atom box can connect with all the phones in the room and turn them each into their own microphones. That’s right, every guest at the party will have their own microphone. This is great for formal corporate events like panels and conferences, but it can also be a great way to take the party to the next level. Imagine karaoke with an app like crowd mics. Want to do group numbers? It’s easy. Want to switch it off from one person to another at random? No problem! You can even play games for the whole party with no worry that anyone won’t be heard.

2. Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table

Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table
This table is the table that beer pong lovers never knew they needed. If you have a dim or dark setting--no problem! Play beer pong in the dark with 8 LED light settings to light up the table, including 4 music sensor settings that will cause the lights to flash to the beat of the music. Infinity mirrors dance in the light of the table for an added fun effect, and you can even get the table customized with your company logo. Once the party is over, the table folds down easily and can be transported to light up the next party.

3. TIKI Brand 66-Inch Island King Large Flame Torch

TIKI Brand 66-Inch Island King Large Flame Torch
Even in August, summer is still going strong, and outdoor parties are still all the rage. You can add some party spirit to your outdoor party by bringing along some tiki torches--but these aren’t your usual bamboo torches. These tall torches with sleek gunmetal finishes light a flame 5 times larger than your typical flame torch, and that flame stays as constant in the summer heat, even on windy nights. No matter what the weather, these torches won’t go out and the party can keep going all night long. They’re easy to light with a twist and pour system, and easy to put out. These will be a huge hit at your next event.

Any of these party essentials will be sure to delight the hardest to impress guest. Sure, trends come and go. Chances are in a year or two, someone will come out with some new state of the art party essential. But you’ll be ready for it when it comes. These party gems aren’t going anywhere any time soon--except to your next event!

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5 Must Haves for the Party Your Friends Will Remember (Or Not!)

5 Must Haves for the Party Your Friends Will Remember (Or Not!)

Undoubtedly, the best part about moving off campus and into your own place is throwing your own house parties. You’ve got the crew, and now you have the venue. It’s time to throw an epic rager you and your friends will look back on (maybe with regret) for years. Before you send out the invites, here are some party must-haves to make your house party the best night it can be:

1. A Dope Sound System

Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker

If your music isn’t on point, no one is going to be having a good time. Whether you curate a party playlist or hire a DJ, you want to make sure the music is blaring all through the house. If you have a DJ, you don’t have to worry about it. They’ll probably bring their own equipment. For playlisters, we recommend the Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is about 16” tall and 7” wide, but it packs a powerful surround sound big enough for any party, and it connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth device. It’s also waterproof, so it’s great for indoors or out.

2. Light Show

disco ball from Vnina

An epic light show goes hand-in-hand with a good sound system to set the mood for your party. You could go without them, and, with the right drinks, your guests will probably start to feel like they’re spinning, anyway. But the party vibe is so much stronger with party lights. Try this disco ball from Vnina with LED bulbs. It has seven different settings and remote control. Just sit it on a shelf or on your coffee table, turn off the house lights and go.

3. A 5gal Keg

Torpedo Ball Lock Keg

Of course, what house party would be complete without a keg? And when it comes to keg stands, you don’t want to go halfway. Try this 5 gallon Torpedo Ball Lock Keg. You might want to invest in a kegerator like EdgeStar’s Full Size Kegerator to keep the keg cool throughout the night. Your friends will be talking about it for weeks after the fact.


4. The Right Beer

top party beers

The main attraction--the booze. Your guests are all going to have different preferences, so you want to have a good mix. Here’s a list of some of the top party beers. Of course, you can have a BYOB party to get a wide variety and save a little bit on costs, but if you can provide the imbibements yourself, your friends will be that much more impressed.

5. Beer Pong!

 Infinity Glow Beer Pong

You can’t have a house party with beer flowing and keg full and not have drinking games. And when it comes to drinking games, Beer Pong is the king. Fortunately, we have the perfect table for you: Infinity Glow Beer Pong. This table literally lights up any party with multi-color LED lights. Even cooler, music sensors will change the table’s lights based on the music that’s playing. You can even have custom graphics added to make the table really your own.

With all these party tools (no, not your roommate), your place will be the place to be on a Friday night. Party hard!

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3 Products Event Planners Have Never Seen Before

3 Products Event Planners Have Never Seen Before

Event planning is all about wowing your clients with the most high tech products on the market. 2016 was a year of virtual reality and holograms storming the event planning industry, but for many parties, the show stoppers of 2016 are no longer enough. Technology is a constantly changing atmosphere, so event planners have to constantly change the products they have on hand. The trick is to get a head start on the trends and show your clients party products they’ve never seen before. Fortunately, we can help with that. Here are 3 state of the art event planning products to stun your clients and make you the talk of the industry.

AI Event Matchmaking

AI has been at the front of everyone’s mind this year, with home bots like Alexa and her rival, Google Home. But it’s not just the home that AI is shaking up. AI is ready to change the event industry, as well. AI Matchmaking is a smart way to ensure that your guests have a good time and click with other guests. It analyzes social media and registration data to match guests with other guests who have similar interests. Whether the connection is a platonic one, a business connection, or something with a little more spark, this is party planning success gold for any kind of party you might be hired to plan. After all, parties are all about making connections at the end of the night, right?

Crowd Mics
Crowd Mics

With Crowd Mics, every smartphone in the room serves as a microphone, thanks to the small xlr Atom box. Crowd Mics started out as a helpful Q&A panels or polls, and it’s perfect for that purpose. However, that’s not all Crowd Mics can do for your next event. It’s also a perfect party tool, putting party games in the hands of literally all of the guests. Group karaoke number? Use Crowd Mics. A trivia game in a large auditorium? You need Crowd Mics. This big technology in a small package will help to give your biggest events a sense of togetherness, rather than trying to talk over each other.

Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table

Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table

Beer pong doesn’t seem like it quite belongs on this list with the rest, but this beer pong table is completely state of the art. Not only does it have 8 LED light settings all controlled by remote: it also has 4 music sensors so that the lights of the table will dance to the beat of the party music. This table is beautiful, and the infinity mirrors that dance in the LED lights just help it to stand out that much more. For a bit of extra branding, you can customize your table and have your company name and/or logo embossed in the center. This beer pong table is the perfect product for that client that likes to party hard, and its sturdy metal frame and water resistant surface make sure it will be in your arsenal for years to come.

The event industry is quickly hurtling toward the future, and that’s not a bad thing. Innovation is what makes the world go wrong. Just make sure that you stay on top of all the trends to keep your clients guessing at every event.

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How to Turn a Profit With Beer Pong

How to Turn a Profit With Beer Pong

There’s no business quite like running your own bar. It’s what every beer enthusiast dreams of, but not every beer enthusiast has the business smarts to turn it into reality. But you did. You got your bar up and running and made it more or less the bar you always wanted to visit. Now it’s a matter of getting customers in the door.

Owning a bar can be the best job, but it’s not easy to stay competitive when there are five other bars on your street alone. Creating your personal brand is vital to keeping your business afloat. You need something that sets your bar apart from the rest and gives patrons a reason to go to you instead of the bar across the street.

Would you believe me if I told you the answer might be beer pong?

It makes sense on an obvious level. To play beer pong, you need lots of beer, which means customers will have to buy more beer from you. Beer pong is a group effort, so your customer would be more likely to invite their friends. They would also be more likely to tell their party-loving friends about their favorite bar with a beer pong table. But you can think bigger than that. Schedule beer pong tournaments and invite all your social media contacts. Post videos on Facebook of your patrons playing beer pong and having a good time. A beer pong table can go a long way to doubling or tripling your business.

To really stand out, though, you don’t just want any foldout table that can be bought in stores. You need a table that draws the eye, something your patrons can’t find in any other bar. You need something like the Infinity Glow beer pong table. This table is state of the art, with remote controlled LED lights. There are four different display modes, including music sensors that cause the lights to flash to the beat of whatever music is playing in the room. Infinity mirrors all along the table cause a dancing-lights effect for a trippy atmosphere. No matter how dim the lighting is, this table will shine through. It’s sturdy and easy to fold down when you close up for the night, with a magnetic lock to hold it in place.

You can go the extra mile with your eye-catching Infinity Glow beer pong table by getting it customized. Ask the manufacturers to have your bar name or logo emblazoned on the center of the table. With the illusion of the infinity mirrors, your logo will look as though it’s ready to jump off of the table and spring to life.

This table will be like nothing you, your patrons, or your competitors have ever seen. If you want an element to make your bar stand out from the pack, you want Infinity Beer Pong. So, what are you waiting for? Order your table now. They ship in about a week, with added time allowed for customization, of course. You’ll make up the cost of the table and then some in profit before you know it!

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A Beer Pong Table To Make Your Bar Stand Out

A Beer Pong Table To Make Your Bar Stand Out

What is your bar’s signature feature? What makes people choose to go to your bar over any of your competitors? Is it a good atmosphere? Excellent service? Cheap prices? What’s the buzz about your bar on social media? Maybe your signature feature isn’t drawing in as many customers as you thought that it would, at first. You need a wow factor, something that people will talk about and come back for again and again. What about a game or competition? What about beer pong?

When it comes to adding a game night to your bar, beer pong seems like the obvious solution. You have beer, and you have tables. You probably have customers who like to drink beer pong. But anyone can clear off a table and set a triangle of solo cups on each end. Anyone can play that kind of beer pong from their own homes if they didn’t feel like going out. So, what can you do to up the ante, to convince your customers to come out tonight and to come to your bar specifically?

LED beer pong table

If you need something to make you stand out and you’re thinking of beer pong, Infinity Glow LED beer pong table is the solution you’ve been searching for. This state of the art beer pong table will stand out in any setting, and once people know you have it, your bar will stand out, too. It has 8 LED light settings, including 4 music sensors. The music sensors will pick up on the music playing in the room and cause the lights to dance along to the beat. Infinity mirrors create a playful, trippy effect that customers love, and the sturdy metal frame will hold up even if things start to get a little rowdy. At the end of the night, or if you have to relocate, the table folds up for easy transport.

Want to make even more of a statement with your Infinity Glow beer pong table? Consider having it customized. You can have the logo for your bar printed on the table, or a popular local sports team if your clientele is mostly sports fanatics. If your bar plays a popular show on your TV, like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, you can have artwork from one of those shows embossed on the table. The infinity mirrors really help the customized artwork to pop.

This Infinity Glow beer pong table is the perfect thing to help your bar to stand out. The second your customers see this table, they’ll be amazed. They’ll want to bring their friends with them. They’ll want to post pictures all over social media. This table could be the catalyst for the buzz that your bar needs to stay competitive. So, what are you waiting for? Order your Infinity Glow beer pong table now, and it will ship in about a week (with longer time allowed for customization, of course). Start the buzz yourself and let customers know it’s coming!

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Can’t Have a Real Man Cave Without This Table

Can’t Have a Real Man Cave Without This Table

Your man cave should be your ultimate utopia. No one can invade your space without your invite, and nothing in that sacred space should distract you from having a good time. Some men are satisfied with a man cave that’s nothing more than a slightly glorified den: an old couch and chair, a TV, a little beer fridge. That might be enough for those men, but not for you. You need something on the next level, a serious man cave for a man who knows what he’s about. If that’s the case, we have exactly what you need: a beer pong table.

Yes, a beer pong table, but this is no ordinary beer pong table. This is the Infinity Glow LED lights Beer Pong Table, the most state of the art beer pong table on the market today. It has eight different settings of LED lights, all controlled by remote. There are even four music sensor settings to choose from, so the lights of the table will flash to the beat of whatever music you’re listening to. The infinity mirrors in the design on this table dance in the light for an added intensity to your beer pong playing. Sounds high tech, right? But you don’t have to worry about short circuiting any motherboard by accidentally splashing. The manufacturers test the surface of the table’s water resistance by splashing a gallon of water on it. Between that and the sturdy metal frame, this table will stand up to the wildest games of beer pong.

Infinity Glow LED lights Beer Pong Table

You can even have your table customized with an art detail. You can have your name, or your favorite character from your favorite TV show, favorite sports team, or even an inside joke designed in the center of the table for extra flair. The infinity lights on the table help the detail to literally pop to life. It’s just one more way the Infinity Glow beer pong table can help you put your stamp on your personal space.
Infinity Glow LED lights Beer Pong Table

The Infinity Glow table started out as a simple idea in the hands of an inventor with a flourish. A birthday party in an outdoor parking lot faced a conundrum as the guests wanted to play beer pong but the party would take place at night. One of the guests, who already had the idea for a glow-in-the-dark table, decided to see put his idea to practice for the good of the party. The table was a big success, not only at the party but later on ebay when he decided to sell it. 100 handmade tables later, the team working on Infinity Glow tables took them to mass production, and they quickly gained the attention of both Washington Post and Buzzfeed. This is the table that people can’t stop talking about, and it can be yours in your own man cave.

Sound good? Well, order your own Infinity Glow beer pong table. The tables ship within about a week of purchase (with extra time allowed for customization, of course). This is the perfect table to take your man cave to the next level, especially for entertaining when your friends come around.

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8 Tips to Increase Bar Sales

8 Tips to Increase Bar Sales
8 Tips to Increase Bar Sales

Owning a bar can be both incredibly rewarding and incredibly stressful. It’s tough trying to build up the profit you need to sustain your business, and you may notice that even on nights when you have plenty of customers, the bar sales aren’t quite what you’d like them to be. This can be a dangerous pitfall for many bars, but fortunately, if you know the tricks to increasing sales, it’s not hard work to do so.

A Helpful, Enthusiastic Staff
A Helpful, Enthusiastic Staff

This is the basics. Make sure that everyone on your staff knows the names of every beer on tap without having to check and that they can answer your customer's questions in a friendly, helpful manner and maybe suggest a few to those indecisive customers. Even better, train them not to just take the orders of your customers but to always look for opportunities to up-sell them on a new drink. It’s a fine line between enthusiastic and just overbearing, but the right servers will understand it.

Display Your Stuff

Display Your Stuff

You have good products. Now show them off. Every beer you have on tap should be on display when a customer walks into the bar. Even if you have a menu, it’s more helpful to them to be able to see the options than just read them. It might even be a good idea to advertise a featured beer of the week, both in your bar and on social media. Likewise, you should keep your spirits, wines, and bourbon on a nicely lit shelf behind your bar, a good way to display all the options and brands that your bar has to offer a new customer.


Have a Happy Hour

Have a Happy Hour

A must have. Everyone loves happy hour. Serve two drinks for the price of one to get customers drinking more so that they’ll be more willing to buy more. It’s also a good way to bring in customers that might not have otherwise come to your bar but were invited by a friend. Happy hour should ideally occur as customers are getting off work, sometime around 5 or 6 in the evening.


Make Some Unique Infusions

Make Some Unique Infusions

Find a fancy or odd looking container, fill it with your own concoction (blue berries, oranges, apples, assorted fruits, herbs, bacon - yes that is a thing) whatever your heart (and eyes, the better looking the more delicious) desire. Then add a spirit, let it sit for a bit. Take that infused mix and put together a unique cocktail and you’ve got a conversation starter, a signature drink and something no other neighborhood establishment will offer.

Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks

I know, I know. You’re a bar. It doesn’t seem quite right. But the truth is, not everyone drinks beer but everyone drinks non-alcoholic beverages. Imagine one of your customers is meeting up with a friend who doesn’t drink. If all you have for their friend is water, you’re missing an opportunity. Sell Coke or Pepsi products or orange juice just to cover all your bases.

Unique Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Everyone has billiards and darts, but what about beer pong? This idea just makes sense. You need large quantities of beer to play beer pong. The more your play, the more they’ll drink. As a team sport, this is a great way to get a large number of people buying your drinks. To go the extra mile, consider the Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table, a terrific option for dim lighting with eight remote control LED light settings, including four music sensor settings. The table has a water resistant surface and a sturdy metal frame to ensure that it will hold up no matter how hard the game is played. You can even customize it with your bar logo.


Eye Catcher Drinks

Eye Catcher Drinks

To follow up with the eye catching Infinity Beer Pong Tables, you can do the same with your drinks. From unique cups/glasses, fire drinks, light up glowing cubes, you name it. Create a special themed drink that really catches the eye as it makes its way through the bar. You want everyone to look at it and say "Ooo, what is that?". You know you have a good one when the first thing people do is take pictures right when they get it. This will help you out on social media as you will be reminding them to tag your place on facebook, twitter, yelp, instagram and snapchat. Now all their friends will want to know where to try one.


Special Promotions or Chances to Win

Have small fliers around the bar where people can submit their contact info (email and or phone) to get a chance to win something special. This allows you to gather and build an email list, then once in a while send out emails informing them that they won something of value, it doesn't have to be big. All they have to do is return with this email and collect it, bonus promotions to share with friends. Howl At The Moon does exactly this. They have you sign up for "free parties for 50+ of your friends" if you win. Everyone in your party gets free admission and a free drink voucher. Guess what? Everyone wins. You want the bodies to come, get them a free drink so they can order three more for their friends.

Make smart choices when it comes to getting a profit out of your bar, not hard choices. You may find that your efforts to increase your bar sales may make owning your own bar even more personally rewarding than before.

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3 Things to Set Your Party Above the Rest

3 Things to Set Your Party Above the Rest

You’ll only be young once, and that prime time for party will fly by before you know it. Maybe that’s why it’s so important to party so hard while you still can. When throwing your next bash, make sure it’s not like the last three parties your friends have been to. You want something to make it stand out, the most epic party of the year. Your party should either be something they look back at and remember as part of “the good old days” or something they barely remember at all because they went so hard. There is no in between. And here are 3 crowd pleasers to help you achieve that level of greatness.

A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Sound Link Bluetooth Speaker II

Get loud at the next pool party, and don’t worry about water getting all over your speakers. Bose Sound Link Bluetooth Speaker II might be small, but it packs a riot. It has a powerful sound that can play over your loudest friends and a lithium battery that can play music for 8 hours before it needs a recharge. Share your music with it via Bluetooth and impress all your friends with your high-tech speakers. Best of all, it’s water resistant, tough, and perfect for an outdoor bash.

Bring the Mixology to Your Own Party
Mixology Bartender Kit

Sure, it’s not that hard to BYOB, but if you really want to impress your friends, they’ll show up at the venue with the booze already cold and waiting for them. Here’s a list of some good go-to drink recipes for your party. But you can go one step further with your own Mixology Bartender Kit. Play around with some of the wildest cocktails you can think of. Make it a dare with your friends. And you don’t have to do all the work yourself. Just show off your mixer kit and one of your friends will suddenly be an “expert” in mixing drinks, for better or worse.

Step Up Your Beer Pong Game with Dancing LED Lights
Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table

What rager is complete without beer pong? But to really step things up and assert yourself as the King of Pong, do a little more than a cheap fold down table from the local superstore. Wow your friends with this state of the art Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table. It has eight LED settings, including four music sensor settings that flash the glowing lights to the beat of the music. Infinity mirrors create a trippy effect on the table to intensify the game. You can even get customized detail added to the center of the table. This table is already being talked about on Washington Post and Buzzfeed. Make it the thing to talk about at your next party.

You’ll never be as young as you are right now, but that just means you should make the most out of the youth you have now. You don’t need a reason for a party. Just get these three party essentials and tell all your friends. The rager will come to you.

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